TED Talk: Writing

“The Neurons That Shaped Civilization” – Vilayanur Ramachandran,  PhD.



1) Research Project B


Research Project B


Research a part of the brain. Describe what function(s) it is involved in and why it is necessary or unnecessary for a human to have.

  •  What happens when there is a functional deficit of the brain area, as when it is damaged?
  • What occurs when there is an excess of activity in their part of the brain? Are there seizures, muscle spasms, hallucinations or anything notable?
  • Does the function of this part of the brain tell us anything about the reasons for different human behavior?
  • How does it related to human interaction? Does it play any part in emotion or the socialization process?


Parts of the Brain

Frontal Lobe(s) Temporal Lobe(s) Occipital Lobe(s)
Parietal Lobe(s) Cerebellum Thalamus
Hypothalamus Corpus Callosum Medulla
Amygdala Basal Ganglia Substantia Nigra


Composition Notes

  • Minimum Length: 1,000 Words
  • Writing Format: APA (American Psychological Association)
  • Other Requirements: Title Page; Typed; Source Page

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