I’m Logan and welcome to my personal website. As you navigate through the associated pages, you will find information not only only on my professional endeavors, but on my personal interests as well. If you have any interest in my services or would like to discuss any other matters with me, please navigate to the Contact tab.

Key Sections


My research largely pertains to disciplines within the social sciences, particularly in the disciplines of criminology, communications, and human sciences. I am most interested exploring the user dynamics in computer-mediation as it relates to perception and behavior.  I firmly believe and adhere to the rigors of the scientific process, but acknowledge its descriptive shortcomings. As such, I frequent mixed methodologies, blending quantitative and qualitative data collection approaches to better understand the subjective and phenomenological processes influencing human interaction. Past research articles can be found in the Research tab. 


As an interdisciplinary educator, I have had the opportunity to create numerous types of lesson plans and curriculum in a plethora of academic and vocational subjects. I focus on proper, purposed, and comprehensive instructional strategies to avoid unnecessary repetition and tedium in many lesson plans that is arguable the downfall of much pedagogy. Instead, emphasis is put on creating a sense of personal intimacy and uniqueness in the material so as to captivate students and allow them to tap into their intellectual strengths. Sample curriculum can be found in the Instruction tab.


In my personal life I have two great passions, traveling and fiction. While both serve to express key aspects of who I am, nothing has changed my life as distinctly as my world travels.  Ever since I was a child I’ve been was fascinated by the places and cultures of the world and my wish to see see it all having slowly become a reality. At this point in time I have been in nearly thirty countries and plan to continue my intrepid wanderings without avail.

When I am not traveling the world on my spare time, I am avid reader and writer of fiction. I have published several works under differing pseudonyms staying true to the creative writing process. All my works are intensely psychological pieces written deep within the mind of the first person. I have included a few small exerts for on this website to showcase this. Selections of the aforementioned titles can be found in the Fiction tab.

The contents of this site are subject to change.

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